Anton field man

Anton field man (actually: Eugen Hanisch; * 25. December 1905 in Thalheim/ore mountains; † 4. May 1973 in Berlin) was a SED - functionary and candidate of the Politbüros of the central committee of the SED.

Field man, son of a Strumpfwirkers, was after the attendance thatElementary school assistant and Strumpfwirker. It was active at the same time in the free socialist youth and 1920-28 functionary of the communist youth federation of Germany (KJVD). it joined 1926 the KPD .

From 1929 to 1931 it visited the international Lenin school in Moscow, whose Aspirant was he until 1933.Afterwards it was active at the Germany department the communist international one. He was personal coworker of Fritz tail ore and William Pieck. Here he became acquainted with Elli Schmidt , when their married man he applied up to the separation 1949.

1933-35 worked field man illegaly for the KPD in Berlin,among other things as a secretary with John Schehr. 1935 to 1937 it lived in Prague, was then 1937 directors/conductors of one Polit school of the international brigades in Benicasim /Spain. To stay in Paris it went 1940 to Moscow. There he was an editor of the newspaper “thatfree word ". 1941 he worked among German prisoners of war and was joint founder national committee free Germany (NKFD). 1941 to 1945 he was director/conductor of the transmitter” free Germany “. 1945 were lent to it the medal of the red star.

After permission by the Soviet military administration in Germany (SMAD)belonged it with walter Ulbricht, William Pieck and Franz Dahlem to the new founders of the KPD and was director/conductor of the initiative group of the KPD for Saxonia. He wrote several documents by program for the KPD and SED in the future (among other things “there is the essay a specialGerman way to socialism? “). Field man was member in the party executive committee and central secretariat of the SED and delegate of the Saxonian federal state parliament. 1949 he became candidate of the Politbüros of the central committee of the SED. 1950-54 it was active delegates of the people chamber and 1949-53 in the Ministry for foreign affairs, as an undersecretary of statetemporarily briefly Minister officiating responsibly for the foreign espionage and 1953 as successors of George Dertinger.

Because it supported William Zaisser, it was relieved of all offices with its fall 1953 and excluded 1954 from the central committee of the SED. 1956 it was rehabilitated.

It was 1954-58 leadersthe head office film with the Ministry for culture, afterwards up to its Invalidisierung 1960 at the national plan commission for education and culture actively.

1970 were lent to it the honour clip to the patriotic earnings/service medal. In May 1973 field man, who was heavily gotten sick with cancer, took himself the life.


  • “to the learning and looking for German youth”, 1946
  • “questions and answers”, Berlin 1946
  • “religion and politics”, Berlin 1946
  • “Marxist cultural policy”, 1948
  • “working class and culture”, 1948

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