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of these articles treats the painter Anton citizen. For the commander of the same name of the KZ Theresienstadt see: Anton citizen (SS-Obersturmführer).

Anton citizen (* 14. November 1824 in Frankfurt/Main; † 6. July 1905 in crowning mountain) was a German painter, draughtsman and a Radierer.

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studied from 1842 to 1846 at Städel Kunstinstitut and was pupil of the Jakobs Becker and Philipp Veit, on whose suggestion it went to Munich, there however only until 1848 remained. Citizen returned to Frankfurt. 1851 married citizen its youth friend Katharina Elise Heislitz, which already died 1856. 1853 undertook citizens with Angilbert Goebel and Philipp trunk a study trip to Paris, where he and. A. Camille Corot and Gustave Courbet met. 1858 it moved to crowning mountain in the Taunus. 1859 it died a second marriage, it married the Kronberger physician daughter Anna Johanna Augusts Küster (1832-1876), who died likewise early. With Jakob fear God Dielmann it created there 1861 the Kronberger painter colony, whose center remained he up to its death. It was very outstanding and appreciative the “king by crowning mountain” was called. Its third and last marriage closed citizens 1882 with its former mark pupil Pauline Fresenius. 1894 were appointed citizens the royally Prussian professor, it received in his life numerous prices and honours, then him z became. B. at the Schiller Weiher in crowning mountain 1908 a monument set, which the resident of Munich sculptor Karl Ludwig sand had arranged.


Anton citizen was probably the most fruitful and most versatile Kronberger painter. It painted primarily landscapes with motives from its closer environment: Frankfurt, the Taunus and the Rhine Main landscape, in addition he painted Interieurs, haven advice, category pictures, Veduten, water colors and manufactured erasures. Its pictures sold themselves very well, particularly in the environment, in which its pictures developed, it belonged in Frankfurt to the “good clay/tone, “a citizen” to possess. In addition, abroad European, particularly in Paris, Vienna and London, citizen buyer found.


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