Anton loud brook

Anton loud brook (* 13. January 1502 in Stolpen; † 18. July 1569 in Pirna) was a lutherischer theologian and Reformator

Anton loud brook studied starting from 1517 in Leipzig and starting from 1529 in joke mountain, where it became Martin Luther pupil and trusted the circle of its table comrades and belonged. On recommendation of Luther it received the place of a minister in Leisnig to 1533. 1537 it returned to joke mountain, in order to take over the office of a deacon. Also the friendship developed to the Reformator, human and paedagogue Melanchthon. 1539 he transferred the office of the first Evangelist Superintendenten to Pirna, remained however with Luther in close personal and brieflichen contact. Also to Melanchthon it maintained an exchange of letters. Anton of loud brook handwritten recordings of Luther's table discussions as well as its diaries of 1538 - 1539 is an important source for Luther's life history.

In its time as Evangelist ministers in Leisnig it wrote once Luther and asked it to use themselves for the Evangelist citizen suppressed by national force in Mittweida and reach by a public statement moderating.

In Pirna a road in the city center is designated after Anton loud brook.


  • of table discussions and diaries
  • comfort writing for refugee böhmische Prediger


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