Anton Schnack

Anton Schnack (* 21. July 1892 in Rieneck/Lower Franconia, † 26. September 1973 in bald at the Main) was a German writer.

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the younger brother of the writer Friedrich Schnack was likewise born in Rieneck than third child of a Gendarmeriestations commander. The official transfers of its father led Schnack after Dettelbach, crown oh and mutton castle, where he finally locked the pro High School. After different activities as a journalist and others in half and Bozen, took Schnack 1915/1916 up to its Verwundung at the 1. World war part. After end of war as an editor in Darmstadt actively, Schnack began with first poem publications. 1920 to 1925 it as a feuilleton editor and theatre critic were busy during the new national newspaper of Baden in Mannheim and married to 24. October 1924 Maria Glöckler. Subsequently, it went on expanded journeys abroad, which led it to France , Italy and Dalmatien. After a renewed activity in Mannheim and several removals the married couple Schnack established itself up to the year 1933 in Berchtesgaden . Into the year 1937 moved to Frankfurt/Main, Schnack was drawn 1944 to the armed forces. After short US-American shank it established itself finally finally in bald at the Main , where it to 26. September 1973 deceased.

literary work

Anton Schnack dedicated itself as a writer above all, those to the lyric poetry and small Prosastücken in different collections like „the multicolored Hauspostille “(1938), „meetings in the evening “(1940) etc. were published. Apart from different novellas from it only two novels appeared.

Schnack becomes estimated as masters of the poetic miniature, which its view of the little things and the matters of minor importance of the everyday life and aroused this arranged by its word art to an almost sinnlich perceptible life.

Its work is guessed/advised more still than that of its brother Friedrich Schnack today to a large extent in oblivion. All publications were to be kept so far only second-hand. Only 2003 appeared to 30. Day of death one two-restrains expenditure for work in the ivory publishing house, those the Paderborner of literature-scientific Professor. Dr. Hartmut Vollmer procured.

lyric poetry

of the greed

  • of the adventurers the thousand
    laughters 1920
    animal enormously
  • the bottle post office the offending 1947 the advertisement reader
  • 1948 midday wine 1953
    that lady
  • with animal 1936
  • , who
  • , struggled works [work on]…


  • 1934 would calendar-CAN-do
  • small reader 1937
  • to 1935 the good afternoon
  • 1938 the multicolored Hauspostille
  • 1940 meetings in the evening
  • 1941 youth legend
  • 1946 the fishing rod of the Robinson
    arabesques around the ABC
  • 1949 fantastic geography
  • 1951 the Frankish year
  • 1954 letter play
  • 1956 the journey from longing
    flirts with the everyday life
  • 1957 Brevier of the tenderness
  • 1961 beautiful maiden names
  • 1964 wine travel to Franconias

of novels

  • of 1936 migratory birds
  • 1937 the dark Franz

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