Anton Zwengauer

Anton Zwengauer (* 11. October 1810 in Munich; † 13. June 1884 ebenda) was a German painter conventional Meier.

Already early Zwengauer came to the academy of arts of its hometown and became there among other things Pupil by Peter von Cornelius. By its influence Zwegauer turned to the landscape painting and überflügelte therein soon its teacher.

Already with 17 years Zwegauer the Bavarian and Austrian alps began to bereisen and brought from each journey a rich selection of sketches and water colors also. Its artistic break-through succeeded to it with “a sunset in the Dachauer Moos” and this Sujet straight in the residents of Munich art scene extremely admits and asked. Its sunsets became in such a way admit that one spoke half admiring, half ironically with paintings with sunsets of “Zwengauern”.

1835 appointed it king Maximilian II. from Bavaria to the curator to the picture gallery of lock Schleissheim and 1869 Zwengauer in same position at the yard of the royal picture gallery, the later old Pinakothek was promoted.

In the choice of its motives Zwengauer always tried to represent the natural landscapes inherent Kraft and Ruhe in a nearly solemn tendency. It painted sunsets frequent. Zwengauer with simple means obtained considerable light and color effects.

At the age of 73 years the painter Anton Zwengauer died to 13. June 1884 in Munich.

The landscape painter Anton George Zwengauer was its son; the Bavarian lieutenant colonel Karl Zwengauer its grandchild.

works (selection)

  • night meal on the mountain (1841)
  • autumn evening with deer at the water
  • Benediktenwand in the evening light
  • the four seasons


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