Anton of Schmerling

Anton knight of Schmerling (* 23. August 1805 in Vienna; † 23. May 1893 ebd.); were Austrian politician and lawyer.

Anton Ritter von Schmerling, Lithographie von Josef Kriehuber, 1849
Anton knight of Schmerling, lithography of Josef Kriehuber, 1849
Anton Ritter von Schmerling
Anton knights of Schmerling
Schmerling carried the title of nobility knight of Schmerling due to its descent from the down-Austrian aristocracy family of Schmerling. The politician Metternich created and represented „the Metternich system “, which contained the maintenance of the political and social order and the fight against all national , liberals and revolutionary movements. Schmerling was a sharp opponent of this system. It represented the idea of a liberal and constitutional monarchy „of the German federation “.

In the February 1848, to which beginning of the March revolution belonged, Schmerling to the revolutionaries, which set up the national guard in Vienna. In March 1848 a Vorparlament was fixed for the education of a German national assembly, which should prepare a uniform, liberal German realm Reich. Schmerling belonged to that approximately five hundred men, who traveled to Frankfurt. In the same year he was selected into the Frankfurt national assembly. He became Minister of the Interior, late Prime Minister, however he withdrew in December 1848, since he could not prevent the exclusion of Austria from Germany.

1849 to 1851 were Schmerling Minister of Justice of the government Schwarzenberg, until 1858 president of the senate at the highest Court of Justice. In the years 1860 to 1865 it was by emperor Franz Joseph appointed of Ministers of State under the official Prime Minister Rainer, Erzherzog of Austria (1827-1913), however only with support of the German liberals in the Lower House (in Vienna at the Scot gate established timber construction, the so-called „Schmerling theatre “). Schmerling had large portion of the Austrian February condition of 1861, which created among other things the condition for local autonomy in Austria. Schmerling belonged to the Austrian realm advice , which he managed starting from 1868 as a vice-president and 1871 as a president since 1867.

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