Anton of Werner

Anton of Werner (* 9. May 1843 in Frankfurt (or); † 4. January 1915 in Berlin) was a Prussian historical-scenes painter.

“Selbstbildnis” (1885)


Anton of Werner began its career inYears 1857 with a theory as room painters, before it took up 1860 a study at the citizens of Berlin academy of the arts. Over its training still collect he changed 1862 for more to deepen and around new impressions to the academy to Karlsruhe. In the year 1870 the conflict between Germany and France and Anton von Werner already smoldering escalated participated 1870/71 at the age of 27 years as a soldier at the French-German war.

When it had returned 1871 from the field,it pulled it again to Berlin, where it lived three years long to the rent in the Lützowstrasse 31. In the same year he married Malwine Schroedter, a daughter of its teacher, the painter and commercial artist Adolph Schroedter.

“The proclamation of the GermanEmpire ", 3. Version, gift emperor Wilhelms I. at Bismarck to 70. Birthday (1885)

of of Werner introduction 1874 into the mansion VI at the Potsdamer road 113 (the house carries today the number 81A), shows that Anton of Werner it in the meantimealready rightfully had brought considerable prosperity. Its appointment however surely marks the high point of its career in the year 1875 to the director of the royal university of the forming arts. Into the same year also the opening of a studio in its new domicile fallsat the Karl bath 21. The fact that Anton of Werner enjoyed a high reputation in the citizens of Berlin at that time art scene proves its choice 1878 to the general commissioner of the German department on the world exhibition, as well as 1895 and 1899/1901 to the chairman of the association to thatBerlin artist.1899/1900 and 1902/1906 was he in addition chairman of the citizens of Berlin section screen end of arts of the senate of the arts.

Anton from of Werner honour grave is today on the old person twelve Apostel Kirchhof in Berlin beautiful mountain.


  • 1864 “child head in the profile”
  • 1867 “Kauernder young man”
  • 1872 “Allegorie on the emergence of of the German unit” (a preliminary study on the mosaic at the victory column in Berlin
  • 1873 “Hussar and older officer”
  • 1877 “the proclamation of of the German empire”

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