Anton to Stolberg Wernigerode

count Anton to Stolberg Wernigerode (* 23. October 1785 on lock who Niger desert; † 11. February 1854 in Berlin) was upper and head of the provincial government in Magdeburg and Prussian Minister of State.


count Anton became as 4. Son of the governing count Christian Friedrich to Stolberg Wernigerode and the countess Augusts Eleonore to Stolberg Stolberg born and occurred 1802 the Prussian military service. It participated in the wars of liberation and became lieutenant general and boss 27. Land military regiment.

By the donation of its father of 18. Decembers 1815 kept it and its successor the rule Kreppelhof transferred into Schlesien as special estate and entailed property. In addition it inherited the 1831 deceased from its brother-in-law Christoph Alexander Carl Friedrich baron von Wylich its rule Diersfort with Wesel.

1828 became count Anton land advice in land hat in Schlesien and 1834 head of the provincial government in Duesseldorf. 1837 took place its appointment as the upper president of the Prussian province Saxonia and head of the provincial government from Magdeburg. Here 1841 the honour citizenry was lent to it.

1840 took place its appointment as a trusted friend of the king Friedrich William IV. from Prussia to Berlin, where two years later its appointment as the Minister of State took place. As opponents of the revolution of 1848 it had to withdraw from its offices. He became afterwards a general aide of the king and 1851 royal-Prussian Colonel treasurer.


from the 1809 closed marriage with Luise Freiin of the Recke (1787-1874) came out the following children:

  • Count Eberhard (1810-1872), followed his father as an entailed property gentleman in Kreppelhof
  • count Conrad (1811-1851), its son count Udo took over 1872 the rule Kreppelhof
  • count Udo (1812-1826)
  • countess Jenny of cellar (1813-1900)
  • countess Marianne (1815-1844)
  • countess Bertha (1816-1861)
  • countess Elizabeth (1817-1822)
  • countess Anna (1819-1868)
  • countess Charlotte (1821-1885)
  • count Bolko (1823-1884)
  • countess Friederike (1824-1848)
  • count Theodor (1827-1902)

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