Antoni Kątski

Antoni Kątski (Antoine de Kontski, * 27. October 1817 in Krakau; † 7. December 1889 in Iwanowitsch) was a Polish Klaviervirtuose and composer.

Katski originated from a musician family: its brother Karol was a Klaviervirtuose, its brothers Stanisław and Apolinary was likewise Violinisten. He was pupil of John Field and studied at the conservatoire of Vienna. Until 1851 it worked later as a pianist in Paris, until 1853 as a yard pianist in Berlin and in pc. Petersburg. After a stay in London it lived from 1883 to 1889 in New York town center. It composed famous pieces of character over four hundred mostly brilliante pieces of salon for the piano, under it like an awaking of the lion. Besides it wrote also one opera (Marcello, 1880) and three Operetten: Les Deux Distraits (after the absent-minded ones of August Friedrich Ferdinand of Kotzebue, 1872), Anastasie (1882) and Le Sultan de Zanzibar (1885).


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