Antonia Pozzi

Antonia Pozzi, (* 13. February 1912 in Milan, Italy; † 3. December 1938) was an Italian Dichterin.

As a daughter citizen of Milan of an attorney buildup Antonia Pozzi in a distinguished and wealthy parents' house. On the High School it developed a deep dear relationship with its latin - and Greek teacher, who coined/shaped its life strongly.

1930 began to study it at the University of Milan philosophy and literature. 1936 received it the doctor title of philosophy. Pozzi undertook numerous long journeys by Europe. Their special interest applied in this time of the modern German, French and English literature. 1938 deceased it in Milan by Suizid. Their works appeared postum.


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  • Alessandra Cenni: In riva alla vita. Storia di Antonia Pozzi poetessa. 2002

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