Antonio Skármeta

Antonio Skármeta (* 7. November 1940 in Antofagasta) is a Chilean writer.

Skármeta is an author of numerous novels and narrations, is characterized from large poetry. It had to leave its country as trailer Salvador Allendes after the Militärputsch 1973 and lived in the exile in Berlin. Here it wrote at film scripts for German films, and. A. for Peter Lilienthal. Skármeta returned 1989 again to Chile.

Its most well-known book is the novel with burning patience, which it filmed 1983 even as a director, who attained world fame however by Michael wheel Ford filming 1994 under the title IL Postino only. Film and book act over the friendship between a postman and the Chilean Literaturnobelpreisträger Pablo Neruda. The postman falls in love with a girl from the village, where Neruda lives and by the poems Neruda states it the girl its love and becomes finally even the poet. In the book the friendship ends 1973 with death Nerudas after the Putsch.

The title of the book is based on a quotation of Arthur Rimbaud: “In the morning-grey we, armed with burning patience, which cities enter. ”

In such a way Skármeta in its novel writes: “Only with burning patience we will conquer the radiating city, which will give all humans light, justice and will. Thus the poetry will not in vain have sung. “

In of wheel Fords film Neruda is represented by the French actor Philippe Noiret.

After the resignation of the Militärputschisten and first democratic elections in Chile, Skármeta was appointed for short time the Chilean Ambassador in Berlin. On the Chilean television it moderated a literature ending, which presented current books.


on German appeared:

  • I dreamed, the snow burn, 1978.
  • Nixpassiert, 1978.
  • The rebellion, 1981.
  • With burning patience, 1984.
  • The cyclist of San Cristébal, 1986.
  • Sophies match ball, 1992.
  • From the distance I see this country. A Chilene in Berlin, 1993.
  • The wedding of the poet, 2000.
  • The girl with the trombone, 2002.
  • The essay, 2003.
  • The thief and the dancer, 2005

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