Antonov An-24

An-24 at the airport Uschhorod, Ukraine
cockpit of the An-24

Antonov An-24 is a short distance passenger - and - transport aircraft of Soviet origin. The NATO code reads Coke (dt.: Coke). Laid out as typical Antonov Hochdecker and propelled of two turbo-prop. - engines and it is used both in the civilian and in military aviation. Altogether over 1.300 airplanes of this type were built.

130 all built An-24, about 10%, was thus destroyed until today in accidents, that is more than with nearly every other type of aircraft. However a large part of these losses is to be due to unsatisfactory maintenance or bad state of training of the crew, because the An-24 is considered as durable and everlasting. Since 1989 was sold however many An-24 cheaply at “shrub pilots” and airlines in the third world.

developing history

a goal of the draft of the An-24, the ends of 1956 began to be operated was a durable short distance turbo-prop. airliner, which was able, also on few fastened small airfields under changing climatic conditions. In April 1960 main headers the An-24 for the first time off and in September 1963 at Aeroflot in service one placed. In the course of the time developed around the basis model a whole set of very successful airplanes, so for example the An-24RV with an additional jet engine, the An-24T as freight version and the An-24P as delete airplane. Since 1978, when production was stopped in the Ukraine, the An-24 produced in China as Xian Y-7 still further.

From the An-24 the military variant An-26 was derived. Civilian successor is the An-140.

technical data of on 24V

Characteristic of data
of years of construction of 1960-1978
manufacturers Antonov
span 29.20 m
length 23.53 m
height of 8.32 m
wing area 74.98 m ²
unloaded weight 13,300 kg
of pay load 6,750 kg
takeoff weight 21,000 kg
of passengers 50
crew 2 pilots, 1 flight companion
Reiseeschwindigkeit 450 km/h
maximum speed 680 km/h in 8.000m
service ceiling of 8,400 m
range 550 km - 2,440 km
engine (e) two Iwtschenko AI-24A turbo-prop. - engines
achievement ever 1,877 KW

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