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Die Silhuette von Antwerpen von der Schelde aus gesehen
The silhouette of Antwerp of the Schelde out seen

Antwerp (German become outdated: Antorf, English. Antwerp, franz. Anvers) is the most important Port in Belgium and capital of the province Antwerp. The place is the largest municipality of the country with 457.749 inhabitants (1. January 2005) and has thus more inhabitant than the municipality Brussels. The number of inhabitants of the dye Antwerp lies howeverwith 949.000 inhabitants slightly under the number of inhabitants specified for Brussels. The municipality Antwerp consists of the districts Antwerp, Berchem, BeZaLi (Berendrecht Zandvliet Lillo), Borgerhout, Deurne, Ekeren, Hoboken, Merksem, and Wilrijk. Also thoseCity Mortsel is counted to dye Antwerp.

Antwerp and environment, satellite photograph
Antwerpen: Grote Markt
Antwerp: Grote market
Zurenborg: Cogels-Osylei
Zurenborg: Cogels Osylei
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geographical location

Antwerp is because of the river Schelde, to 88 km before its delta into the North Sea.


art and life art

the city many well-known artists brought out, among them the painters Rubens, van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens, January Brueghel the Älternen and its son January Brueghel the younger one as well as thatvery important printer and publisher Christoph Plantin (17. Century), whose house is now an interesting museum. In Antwerp are numerous cultural mechanisms, for instance the opera or the carrot museum. Antwerp is well-known for its life art. By his historical port situation developeditself extraordinary metropolische versatility of the catering trade with international influences.

Particularly in the quarter of Zuid one finds culture concentrated on closest area. This Ambiente has provided for it that itself here in the meantime a rich, talentierte mode culture developed, their center the mode departmentforms for the royal academy of the beautiful arts, around which beside many writers and artists also many cosy bars settled. The parade horse of the kind Deco is doubtless the quarter of Zurenborg.


in Antwerp findsitself one of the largest Jewish municipalities of Europe. Orthodox Jews, of whom several are active in the diamond trade, control in some quarters the townscape. The city is catholic bishop seat.

economics, education and traffic


traditionalthe city is considered as most important diamonds commercial centre of the world. Beside four diamond stock exchanges it gives and a diamond museum to about 1500 diamond companies.


Antwerp was a three-way university town (today all three are joined) and seat of several scientific institutes (z.B. Institut for tropical medicine).


Vincent van Gogh: Dock in Antwerp with ships (1885)

the container port of the city is one the largest world and the second largest of Europe to Rotterdam. Over the Albert channel existsa connection to the inland port of Lüttich.

sons and daughters of the city


The rail goods traffic of the port with the hinterland extending far over Belgium the marshalling yard Antwerp Noord , one arrange for the largest in Europe. Furthermore different branches of industry are, and in Antwerp. A. Construction of vehicles and oil industry. The Kennedy motorway tunnel connects the two Scheldeufer,in addition Antwerp has an underground.


historical map (around 1888)

Antwerp was mentioned 726 the first time. End of the 11. Century came Antwerp to Brabant. The city received municipal rights to 1291. 1315 became it Hanseatic city. Antwerp fell 1430 at Burgund, 1477 at having castle.

In 16. Century was the city richest commercial town of Europe. By the following conflicts between having castle and the Netherlands however the fall followed.

Since 1863 Antwerp experienced a renewed upswingas Belgian port.

1920 were Antwerp venue of the olympic summer games.


the name Antwerp meant in a general manner “hand throw” and goes on the Brabo legend back (see: Brabobrunnen).

By pc. Amandus genennte Caloes should an earlierName of Antwerp been its.

The name Antorf was one (e.g. by Albrecht Dürer) used however now outdated high-German Exonym.

objects of interest

the cathedral to Antwerp. Painting of Domenico Quaglio, 1820.
  • Grote market (market place)
  • Cogels Osylei (Splendour road)
  • to Centraal station (station)
  • Jew quarter
  • of Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal (dear woman Mrs.)
  • standing (old castle, today a navigation museum)
  • bird market
  • carrot house (Wappervaart)
  • Brabobrunnen
  • diamond museum

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coordinates: 51° 13 ′ N, 4° 24 ′ O


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