Application program

Taschenrechnerprogramm KCalc
pocket calculator program KCalc

an application program (short „application “) is a computer program, which implements a function useful for the user, z. B. Bookkeeping, information systems, computer Aided Design, text processing, spread-sheet analysis or also play. From the English term Application was in-patriated in the everyday life language also the designation „application “for application program.

The term stands contrary to the operating system and all system and aid programmes, which make possible „only “the enterprise, but still none „use “bring. Also programming languages and tools toDo not belong to software production strictly speaking to the application programs.

The separation between application and operating system is indistinct. So one knows program libraries both and part of an operating system, when part of an application or also as and operating system regard a layer between application.

Application programs are used in substantial extent for the support of the administration in authorities and enterprises. Application software is only partially standard software. To a large part on the respective application cut industry solutions or individual conceptions are used.

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