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mission: Apollo 17
Pilot of the command cap:
Pilot of the moon ferry:
Eugene Andrew Cernan
Ronald Ellwin Evans
Harrison H. Schmitt
start to: 7. December 1972
landing to: 19. December 1972
duration: 12 days, 13 hours
landing strip: Pacific
17.88°S 166.11°W
moon circling: 75
salvage vessel: USS Ticonderoga
crew photo

Apollo 17 - v.l.n.r. Harrison H. Schmitt, Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans

previous mission:

Apollo 16

the following mission:

Skylabs 1

with Apollo 17 made themselves humans the latterTimes in the context of a Apollo mission on the way to the moon.

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Cernanin the Challenger after EH

to 13. August 1971, briefly after the flight of Apollo 15 communicated NASA the crew for the mission Apollo 17 . Those would have been periodical reinforcement of Apollo 14 at the row,to ascend to captain shank. Like that nominating of Eugene Cernan was not as commander and Ron Evans as a pilot of the Apollokapsel America a surprise. Instead of Joe Engle became against it Harrison “Jack” Schmitt from the reinforcement of Apollo 15 as a pilot of the lunar excursion module Challenger divided. Schmitt was one of the science astronauts, who had selected NASA 1965, and from whom still none had been used. On pressure of the NASA scientists Schmitt before Engle the preference/advantage was given.

As a reinforcement first the complete becameCrew divided by Apollo 15: Commander David Scott, pilot of the command cap Alfred and landing ferry pilot James Irwin. In May 1972 Irwin withdrew from NASA, and the reinforcement was completely exchanged. Commander and moon ferry pilot of Apollo 16, John Young and Charles Duke substituted, likewise the pilot of the command cap of Apollo 14, Stuart Roosa.

The support crew (support crew) consisted the their of the science astronaut Robert Parker, as well as of Gordon filler clay/tone and Robert Overmyer,Astronaut training at the US Air Force had gotten and to NASA were changed, after the air Force had given the plans up of its own manned space program.


the individual stages of the Saturn V rocket AS-512 became between October 1970 and June 1972in Cape Kennedy delivered. The Apollo spaceship CSM-114 received the name America, the lunar excursion module LM-12 to the name Challenger (challenger).

To 28. August 1972 could be rolled the rocket to the launch pad 39-A.

As a connecting speaker (Capcom) during the flightalready served Young, Duke and Roosa of the reinforcement, Parker, filler clay/tone and Overmyer of the support crew, Alan Shepard of Apollo 14 , Ken Mattingly of Apollo 16, as well as Joseph everything, a science astronaut, that with Apollo 15 Capcomhad been.


night start of the Apollo 17


the start took place to 7. December 1972, 05:33 UT starting from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It concerned the first night start of the Apolloprogramms.

[] On

the moon moon car

of the Apollo 17, like it today still on the moon stand for plaque
at the LM of the Apollo-17-Mission Cernan

and Schmitt work on landed with the space shuttle “Challenger” in the proximity of the Littrow Kraters in the Mare Serenitatis. Three EVAs should accomplish the astronauts on this mission. The “Apollo lunar surface experiment package” (ALSEP), equipped with an atomic energy source, was established during the first EH in the proximity of the landing strip, for something removes the remaining experiments. The attemptand measuring systems covered in detail:

besidesalso the proven lunar Roving Vehicle (moon car) was assembled, which did not exhibit defects at the steering element contrary to the earlier employments. This mission needed 7 hours and 11 minutes, whereby 14.3 kg rock was collected.

On the next day undertookthe crew an expedition to various Kratern, among them also to the Krater Shorty, where Schmitt found orange balls from a glass-similar material. After 7 h and 36 min was terminated the EH. 34.1 kg material became on this daycollected.

Harrison Schmitt falls down with a moon walk.
Harrison Schmitt sings to I which strolling on the Moon one day.
The landing module of Apollo 17 takes off from the lunar surface.
Problems,to regard the video?Wikimir: Video.

The last Exkursion, with which 62 kg of rock and drill core samples were saved, led the crew to several Kratern and lasted 7h 15 min.

Altogether the astronauts with their moon car put 34 kilometers back. Erklommenthey several Krater, the Taurus mountain and collected 110.4 kg moon rock in the sum to the return motion on earth in. It was with 3 days and 3 hours of period spent on the moon the longest mission of the Apollo series.

To 14. December 1972around 05:40 UT Cernan left the lunar surface, which did not become to enter until today again from humans as last humans.

return flight to the earth

after Cernan and Schmitt again into the Apollo spaceship had transferred, became the moon ferry purposefullyCrash brought. It broke about 10 km open far away from the original landing place. The released moon quake was registered also by the Seismometern at the four other Apollo Landestellen.

Explosive charges attached by the astronauts were ignited in the following days.

Alsoagain EH waited to this return flight for the salvage of Filmmaterial. Altogether Evans beside that spent 66 minutes America. To 19. December 1972 and 19:24 UT landed on water the Apollo team again in the Pacific and of the USS Ticonderoga was saved.

meaning for the Apollo program

the originally planned missions Apollo 18, 19 and 20 before Apollo 15, both from political as well as for financial reasons were already painted. With six Apollo missions and twelve US-American astronauts, the theirTraces on the earth satellite had left, were also proven that the time leading USSR of the USA, long in the space running , was outdated.

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