Apple DOS

Apple DOS is disks - operating system of Apple, which on Apple the II - computers was used. In the Apple range usually simply DOS mentioned, is it nevertheless not to confound with the more well-known MS-DOS.

Briefly after the publication Apple of the II in the spring Steve Wozniak and Steve job recognized 1977 that a floppy disk drive would become important for the development of their computers. At that time floppy disk drives were in the Microcomputer - range still pure luxury, and long not each computer possessed one.

Around a floppy disk drive, the later , To be able Wozniak head for, sketched disk II only the Design disk of the II and afterwards the necessary operating system Apple DOS (Apple disk operating system). This was loaded with the system start from a disk and more or less integrated themselves in Apple BASIC, thatin Rome of the computer was stored.

The first published version of Apple DOS was the 3,1 from July 1978. Version 1 and 2 were only internal test versions within the company Apple. At most Apple DOS 3,3 of August 1980 was used, of which 1983 appeared still another easily errorcorrected version with the same number. This was at the same time the last under the name “Apple DOS” refugee operating system. Its successor on Apple the III was Apple SOS, which on the later Apple II models of Apple pro DOS one replaced.

The version numbers Apple of the DOS are independent of those of the MS-DOS; Apple DOS 3,3 and MS-DOS 3,3 stand thus in no relationship to each other.


Don Worth and Pieter Lechner: Beneath Apple DOS


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