Apple pro DOS

Apple pro DOS is an operating system for computer Apple II - series. In version 1.0 in October 1983 as replacement for Apple DOS 3,3 of Apple computers were published and were based on Apple SOS. The new operating system gave assembler language - programmers better growth prospectsto the hand, since it offered a uniform re-entry point address with all necessary parameters - a technology, how it is usual with all operating systems today. For BASIC - programmer changed against it little (some new instructions). Programmers, who used assembler language, could rely on a standard, instead of howto manipulate so far the DOS 3,3 in not documented way. Further were and faster diskette accesses given better interrupt - a treatment. Apart from the fact Apple pro DOS had a relatively highly developed hierarchical file system with characteristics like multiple logical drive assemblies on a physical drive assembly, support of up to20 different file types and 8 files opened at the same time.

When the 16-bittige Apple IIgs came out, Apple pro DOS divided into the branches Apple pro DOS 8 (for 8-bit microprocessors) and Apple pro DOS 16 (for 16-Bit microprocessors). The latter became however already soon from the graphic operating system GS/OS displaces.

The last published version of Apple pro DOS 8 is the 2.0.3 from May 1993. It requires at least Apple a IIc or a one „enhanced “Apple IIe with at least 128 KB memory. On Apple the II+ and the non „enhanced “IIe runs maximally the version 1.9.


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