License to practise medicine

the license to practise medicine (Bestallung) can be deduced from latin word approbatio (approval, permission) and stands in connection with the following:

  • License to practise medicine one calls a national permission for the practise of the profession, those according to the license to practise medicine orders of the responsible Land authorities of the Lands of the Federal Republic to physicians, dentists, Psychological Psychotherapeuten, pharmacist and veterinary surgeons are given. For physicians z can. B. the license to practise medicine only after successfully locked study (12 terms) and existed medical examination to be expressed. The number of the given licenses to practise medicine corresponds in for instance the number in one calendar year the professional traininglocking physicians, dentists, pharmacists and veterinary surgeons, who aim at an activity in their occupation. The license to practise medicine of psychological Psychotherapeuten is regulated by the Psychotherapeutengesetz.
  • After the church right the license to practise medicine is the confirmation of a clergyman in its office. In the Middle Ages, particularly starting from that 12. Century,the requirement on confirmation of the choice of the Rex Romanorum by the Pope, which however of the Roman-German kings, particularly since that 14. Century, vehement was denied. In the golden one bull of 1356 was granted the right of the choice only to the cure prince.
  • Also those Imprimatur, D. h. the pressure permission of a catholic bishop and/or. Generalvikars, is called license to practise medicine.
  • In Austria by license to practise medicine the acceptance of a thesis is understood as a condition for the graduation.
  • In electro-technology one understands the permission of a construction unit by license to practise medicine by the place which can be certified(zum Beispiel 미국:Underwriters Laboratories, Kanda: Canadian standard Association)
this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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