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Aprilthe fourth month of the yearly is in the Gregorian calendar.

It has 30 days.

The name probably refers to opening the buds in spring and comes from latin aperire = opens ago. The old German name is Ostermond (by Karl the large one in 8. Century imported), because Easter lies usually in April. Others, today hardly more common designations, are change month or also Launing.

In the Roman calendar April was originally the second month.

April beginswith the same weekday as July and in leap years as January.

April weather stands figurativy for changeful weather, even if it takes place in other months.

Since that 16. Jh. the custom is occupied, at the 1 in Europe. Aprilto commit a April joke, by sending its fellow men with a more or less crude joke or a lie history “into April”.

After the legend Luzifer at the 1 became. Offend to April from the sky.


  • “April, April- makes which it wants " (referred on the weather) -- old farmer wisdom
  • “at the 1. One sends the fools to April, where one wants. “

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