Work (economics)

work is in the sense of most schools of the political economy beside capital and soil one of the three factors of production.

The economic definition of the work as factor of production seizes the mental and physical efforts of humans in the context of employer-employee relationships, if they create value. This conventional three-division of the factors of production comes of to late 19. Century, in which the agriculture contributed working busy still far more than today to the national product and. Since that time soil-referred theorems dropped back far behind principal and work-referred.

Here the so-called atypical process of the work offer curve became theoretically interesting: At the hunger border with sinking prices the offer is increased nevertheless by work - differently than with typical process, where with sinking prices the offered goods go out of the market.

In the Marxist economic theory Lohn-Arbeit the only worth screen end factor of production (work value teachings) is, capital related to value regarded ‚run work `(taxed away over the increase in value - mechanism of capitalists) and the value of the soil only one consequence of the raclamation through (e.g. rural) work or an investment. However production is to be differentiated from the accumulation of value from values in use to, to which work, machines, soil, Bodenschätze etc. are needed. Somewhat poetically: The work is the nut/mother and the soil the father of the values in use, but the Lohnarbeit is the nut/mother of the exchange value.

In the management economics are work-repaid costs of the enterprise and are received accordingly into its balance . It is world-descriptive contentious whether the profit of the entrepreneur - indifferent, on which he decreases/goes back economically - entrepreneur wages is, thus a pay. Cost-theoretically the entrepreneur wages of the Einzelunternehmers would fall (also e.g. the complement acre kg) in shape of calculatory costs always on, also with a balance loss, and it permits therefore also to uncover illusory gains.

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