Workers' welfare institution

the workers' welfare institution in Germany, briefly AWO, is a decentralized organized welfare organisation, which develops itself on basis of personal membership in its local associations. Their major task is it to support socially humans more badly placed. Nowadays she cares for mainly humanswith handicaps and seniors, operates however for example also kindergartens and advisory boards for humans in states of distress.

The AWO became to 13. December 1919 of the member of the national assembly Marie Juchacz as a “main committee for workers' welfare institution in the SPD” based and of Realm president Friedrich Ebert with the slogan “workers' welfare institution is described the self-help of the workers”. First tried it above all, which developed emergency by the First World War of the damages too lindern, by furnishing sewing rooms, midday tables, workshops and advisory boards, later it itselfto a relief organization for all socially needy humans.

After the seizure of power Adolf Hitler became to synchronise after a unsuccessful attempt, the AWO which forbade workers' welfare institution dissolved and. Members continued to work however also illegaly, like Johanna Kirchner, helped threatened personsto channel from the workers' movement in the exile.

After the end of the Second World War it was created 1946 in Hanover as party political and konfessionell independent relief organization, in the Soviet zone of occupation and the later GDR became it again however not certified. Sincethe German reunification is active the workers' welfare institution in the entire federal territory. The seat of the Federal association is in Bonn. It is Trägerin of the DZI of donation seal.

Also over 145,000 persons employed the AWO is one among the large employers the FRG.

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  • to Lucy Rome mountain. In connection with the North Sea hospital in Westerland A. Sylt becomes it 1947 the chief of the sister school (Oberin Lucyof Rome mountain). 1958 initiated it with the AWO a first form of the old person care training. Born 1901 - It died 1965.


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