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coat of arms
Wappen von Arbon
base data
canton: Thurgau
district: Arbon
BFS NR.: 4401
postal code: 9320
coordinates: 47° 31 ' n. Break.
9° 26 ' o. L.
Height: 402 m and. M.
Surface: 5,9 km ²
inhabitants: 12 ' 794 (31. December 2005)
Karte von Arbon

Arbon (lat. Arbor Felix = lucky tree) is a political municipality and principal place of the district of the same name in the canton Thurgau in Switzerland.

The former Arbor Felix lies on a halbinselförmigen spur at the south bank of the Bodensee between novel horn and Rorschach. South the municipality bordersto the area of the canton pc. Gallen. In 19. Century became Arbon the factory and worker place. Today it is most important industrial centre of the Oberthurgaus. Most important employer was into the eighties-years 20. Century the corporation Adolph of sour. Today this is in the Arbonia Forster groupunited companies. Arbon of a social-democratic majority was governed from the 20's into the 50's and was well-known in whole Switzerland as “red Arbon”. Owing to its sea-promenade, which was built by the “red Arbon” against the resistance of the civil minority, is Arbon todaya popular trip goal. To the Bodensee municipality of Baden-Wuerttemberg long-bad particularly exist since the Seegfrörne in the year 1963 partnership relations.



by 1. January 1998 becamethe Munizipalgemeinde Arbon as well as the local municipalities Arbon (BFS NR. 4401) and milling night (BFS NR. 4402) to the political municipality Arbon fuses. (Mutation 42a to the official municipality listing of Switzerland, 1986) Arbon celebrated in August 2005 its 750-jähriges municipal law.

literature to history

  • Hans Geisser: Stories tell history.An excursion by Arbons past. Given change of the museum society Arbon, Arbon 2005,
  • Stefan cellar: The time of the factories. Of workers and a red city. Publishing house of point of red, Zurich 2001, ISBN 3-85869-228-x

persons, who stand for lead thorn Karl with Arbon

  • in connection (1863-1932),Stick machine manufacturer
  • of fount houses Thomas (1799-1856), minister (of 1831-1851 in Arbon) and politician
  • Daetwyler max (1886-1976), Friedensapostel
  • Dubois Albert, sour general manager (1938-1969)
  • Forster Hermann (1877-1944), manufacturer
  • Gallus (550 probably to 640)
  • count Schelling Claudius (* 1950), Dr. iur., district court president (1988-2000), since 2000 government advice (section law and security)
  • Heine ArnoldBaruch (1847-1923), embroidery manufacturer
  • emperor Alfred (1862-1930), Sinai researcher, Swiss commercial agent in Egypt
  • Kellenberger Jakob, Dr. phil. I, Dr. h.c. the University of Basel, president of the international committee of the red cross (IKRK) since 2000
  • cellars Otto (1916-2003), entrepreneurs and FDP national council (1964-1979)
  • Mayr Johann Heinrich (1768-1838), textile textilindustrieller, because ofits journeys called into Lebanon in the vernacular Libanonmayr
  • Mayr Johann Jakob, Regierungsrat (1803-1822)
  • Rodel Ernst (1901-1993), editor of the Thurgauer worker newspaper (1935-1971) and FR national council (1954-1963)
  • Rodel Gerda (1915-1998), lady journalist
  • Roth August, Dr. iur., Gemeindeammann, government advice (1941-1954) and FR national council (1928-1931, 1935-1941 and 1945-1951)
  • sour Adolph (1841-1920), manufacturer
  • of sour Franz (1806-1882)
  • sour Hippolyt (1878-1936), only son of Adolph S., inventor and developer of trucks and weaving looms
  • Steinbeck Heinrich (1884-1967), conductor and composer
  • Stoffel Christoph Anton Jakob, first commander of the 1831 created French Fremdenlegion
  • Stoffel Severin, government advice (1874-1879) and national council (1872-1879)
  • Vogt propertyHeinrich (1852-1934), apparatus farmer, politician and district court president
  • weber Rolf (1923-2000), Dr. iur., district court president (1954-1988) and FR national council (1970-1987)
  • Züllig Jakob (1921-1999), butcher master and entrepreneur (Arbonia Forster group)


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