Arcangelo Corelli

Arcangelo Corelli, Porträt von an Frans Douven

Arcangelo Corelli (* 17. February 1653 in Fusignano with Ravenna; † 8. January 1713 in Rome) was an Italian Violinist and composer of the baroque.

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over CorellisLife is little well-known. Its Violinlehrer was Bassani.Matteo Simonelli, the well-known singer of the papal chapel, informed it in composition.

Corelli achieved its first crucial success with 19 years in Paris. It owed its call in Europe to this success. From Paris it wentto Germany. 1681 was it in the service of the kurfürstlichen prince von Bayern; between 1680 and 1685 he spent a considerable time in the house of its friend Farinelli. In the year 1685 it was in Rome, where it the festive musical performances for queen Christina of Sweden led. It was also a favorite of cardinal Ottoboni, the 1689 Pope Alexander VIII. became. It was from 1689 to 1690 in Modena, whose duke made beautiful gifts for it. In the year 1708 it went again to Rome and lived there inPalace of cardinal Ottoboni. In the same year it visited Neapel also on invitation of the king.

With its death to 8. January 1713 left a sum of 120.000 Marks and a valuable painting collection, the only luxury, which it hang-give itself had to Corelli. It bequeathed bothits benefactor and friend, who used the money however generously at Corellis passed on. Corelli is buried in the Pantheon in Rome.


the performance style introduced by Corelli, that of its pupils such as Francesco Geminiani, Pietro Locatelli, Giovanni Battista Somis and manyothers was maintained, was for the development of the Violinspiels of great importance. It used however only a limited part of the range of the instrument, as one can at its writings see, in which the Violinstimmen never goes beyond the D on the first string, the highestNote in the third position. It means even the fact that it refused itself playing a passage in trade Oratorium Trionfo del Tempo (uraufgeführt in Rome 1708), going up to A, since this was impossible. It was deeply insulted then, as the composer thisNote played, in order to demonstrate their play barness.

Its compositions for this instrument mark one epoch in the history of the chamber music, because its influence was not limited to its own country. The musical society in Rome owed Corelli much. It became in the highest circlesthe aristocracy receive and led long time the celebrated on Mondays concerts in the palace of cardinal Ottoboni.

Corellis compositions are characterised by a beautiful melody river and by a manierliche treatment of the Begleitstimmen, of which one says with good reason that her of the strict rules of the counterpoint were released.

Contrary to most of its contemporaries Corelli wrote excluding instrument valley music. Authentically six collections are attributed to the composer by concerts and Sonaten.

Opus 1

to the Sonaten OI. 5 givesit numerous variations, ornaments or arbitrary changes of Corelli themselves, of Francesco Geminiani and of Matthew Dubourg (concert master under George Friedrich trade) and Giuseppe Tartini. These make the high standard of the Violinspiels at that time clear. In on-line score of the Violinsonate OI. 5, No. 1this is represented very clearly in the comparison.

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