the correct title of this article reads „archINFORM “. This way of writing is momentarily not possible due to technical restrictions.

archINFORM is an on-line data base, in which one can investigate to buildings and architects. From the beginnings of a student data base at the university the project developed Karlsruhe with interesting architecture examples since 1994 (on-line since 1996) to an extensive reference book.

The project uses the possibilities of relational data bases for as clear and understandable an illustration of the connections between buildings, planners and concepts as possible. By co-operation with different partners (among other things Biografien from the general artist encyclopedia AKL (K.G. Saur publishing house, follow-up Thieme/Becker) and the possibility of interactive contributing of material grew the volume of data in the last years increasingly.

Structure and structuring of the archINFORM data base affected the structure of different comparable projects within the building/real estate range in the last years, e.g. the Web data base Structurae aligned to civil engineerings.

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