the term of the Archaik designates one epoch in the political and cultural development of Greece between approx. 700 v. Chr. and approx. 500 v. Chr. It closes thus to the geometrical time (approx. 900 - 700 v. Chr.) on and goes the classical period (approx. 500/480 - 336 v. Chr.) ahead.

Archaisch means anciently, originating from the prehistory of mankind. The term “Archai” actually carries the fault of the unfairness and the primitive one. This judgement is not undifferentiated and essentially always justified. That concerns the screen end art in the completely special measure. The archaische Kore (sculpture) and the Kouros of the early and middle Archaik with the characteristic upright attitude and the symmetry both in the face with the so-called archaischen smile differ clearly from the spätarchaischen and/or. earlyclassical, which one usually assigns to the so-called strict style.

From the archaischen time many master laws are delivered and some up to the today's day valid. The reforms of the Solon fall z. B. into this time.

Archai indications and representations are usually generally comprehensible and culture-spreading.

The first half of the Archai time is called also orientalisierende phase. Because in 7. Century - partly already before - elements from the Near East are taken over increasingly. This concerns both the art, and customs and probably even social aspects.

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