Archie soon Vivian Hill

archie soon Vivian Hill (* 26. September 1886 in Bristol, † 3. June 1977 in Cambridge) was a British physiologist. For its discoveries in the area of the heat production it kept 1922 common to muscles with Otto Fritz Meyerhof the Nobelpreis for medicine.

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early years and training

archie soon Vivian Hill 1886 in Bristol in England was born. It studied mathematics at the Trinity college in Cambridge and attained a doctorate also in this subject. Afterwards it got an employment with the physiologist W. M. Fletcher, which was at this time a secretary of the medical research advice in Cambridge and was concerned with the study of the procedures in the muscle tissue. Hill decided to likewise work in this area.

archie soon Vivian Hill transferred

with its own research work at the muscle to the muscle physiology in the year 1909 began, whereby he wanted to determine the energy freed with the muscle work. It developed thereby on the research work of the German physiologist Hermann of Helmholtz , which could not obtain results however due to the missing measuring technique. Hill developed a special thermocouple, with which he could determine small variations in temperature as changes of the developing tension in a bimetal and made so measurable. To it in this way measurement of a difference of 0,003 °C in the muscle in time intervals of few hunderstel seconds arrives.

Until it could state 1913 in this way that in a muscle warmth developed only after the actual muscle work and the associated Sauerstoffverbrauch. In addition it stated that about 70 per cent of the converted chemical energy is with the muscle work in the form of warmth release and thus the musculature of the body a most important heat supplier of the organism.

the application of his results

1920 became archie soon Vivian Hill professor for physiology, 1926 up to its retirement 1952 additionally professor at the biophysical laboratory of the University college in Cambridge. The Nobelpreis he received for the clearing-up of the theromdynamischen processes in the muscle during its colleague Otto Fritz Meyerhof for the study of the relationship oxygen conversion for lactic acid production was distinguished. By the combination of the results of both researchers a comprehensive view of the muscle work with its physical and chemical accompaniments became possible.

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