Archie cock

W. H. Lipinger (with starting pistol) and archie cock.

Charles archie soon (archie) cock, called the meteor of Milwaukee (* 14. September 1880 in Dodgeville, Wisconsin; † 21. January 1955 in Charlottesville, Virginia) was an US-American athlete.

Cock won with the olympic summer games 1904 in pc. Louis drei Goldmedaillen im Sprint über 60-Meter, 100-Meter und 200-Meter. It reached thereby tripolarizes which is nowadays no longer possible, since the 60-Meter-Lauf does not belong to no more to the olympic program. With the olympic intermediate plays 1906 in Athens, which were accomplished for the 10-year old anniversary of the olympic plays of the modern times, it won the Sprint over 100 meters.

it held the 200-Meter world record for 1904 to 1921 with 21.6 seconds. He was repeated American national master on different Sprintstrecken and 1983 postum in “resounds to OF Fame” of the US-Leichtathletik taken up.


  • How ton, text book of the Sprinttrainings sprint.


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