Archie Shepp

archie Shepp (actually: Vernon Shepp, * 24. May 1937 in away Lauderdale, Florida) is an US-American jazz musician (tenor - and Sopransaxophon, Piano), composer as well as literature - and theatre scientist


archie Shepp began its professionalCareer as musicians 1960 in that volume of Cecil Taylor. Afterwards it worked and. A. with Bill Dixon, John Tchicai, Don Cherry and particularly with John Coltrane (and. A. Ascension, 1965). In different occupations innovative followed under own namePhotographs (and. A. with Roswell Rudd, Bobby Hutcherson, Beaver Harris and Grachan Moncur III), which for Shepp one the wichigsten Protagonisten of the jazz avant-garde and the Free jazz in the 60's made.

Archie Shepp was not only musical pioneer, but also politicaland social language pipe of a new black self-confident unity. A high point of the political commitment “angry young one” was the appearance with the Panafrikani festival 1969 in Algiers.

Despite all neutönerischer Radikalität Shepps strong emotional play way stood for saxophonists always in the tradition of the large Swing - how Ben Webster or Coleman Hawkins, which is based on the interrelation more rauer and tenderly gehaucher tones, different registers and volume stages.

In and the 80's 70's Shepps play was interspersed ever more strongly with elements of tradtitioneller afroamerikanischer music. Blues, Gospel and mirror-image ritual were for Sheppthe characteristic expression means of the black ones in the USA. It wanted to give them a music, with which the discriminated against black Community in the Ghettos could identify itself.

Into the late 80ern and in the 90's its play was determined still more to a large extent by tradition and Mainstream.Apart from moments of large mirror-image-ritual depth there were again and again moderate photographs and concerts of experienced arbitraryness.

2004 live archie Shepp in Massachusetts and are a professor for music history at the there university.

selection Diskographie

  • Four for Trane, 1964
  • Fire music, 1965
  • OnThis Night, 1965
  • Three for A Quarter, One for A Dime, 1966
  • live one RK the Donaueschingen music festival, 1967
  • Blasé, 1969
  • live one RK the Pan African festival, 1969
  • Attica Blues, 1972
  • Force with max of Roach, 1976
  • Goin' Home, 1976
  • Looking RK Bird, 1980
  • mummy rose, 1982
  • archie Shepp & Chet Baker - in MEMORY OF, 1988
  • Roswell Rudd & archie Shepp live one in New York, 2000

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