Air Leschnikoff

Asparuch “air” Leschnikoff (* 16. June 1897 in Chaskowo; † 31. July 1978 in Sofia) was the 1. Tenor citizens of Berlin of the ensemble Comedian Harmonists.

It buildup in Chaskovo and visited 1916 an institute for cadet in Sofia. End of the First World War he became a second lieutenant.

1922 it moved to Germany, in order to study music there. For the financing of its living costs he worked besides as a waiter. 1926 he got a contract generally speaking Schauspielhaus as a choir singer. In the choir he became acquainted with Robert Biberti and novel Cycowski . 1927 was based on initiative of Harry pious man the Comedian Harmonists in Berlin, whose member became Leschnikoff on switching of Robert Biberti. When the Comedian Harmonists 1935 separated, because the three Jewish members were forced by the national socialists to the emigration, Leschnikoff took part first in the follow-up's group of Meistersextett with Biberti and Erwin Bootz as well as the new members harsh ore Imlau, Alfred green ore and Fred cashes. When Bootz 1938 left the group and Leschnikoff denunzierte after a controversy Biberti with the Gestapo because of regime-critical expressions, also this group fell apart.

1939 he tried a last mark its luck in Germany as a solo singer, returned however 1940 again to Sofia. There it let some photographs make at the disk company microphone. Finally it was drawn in 1941 as a captain. He bought a house in Sofia, which was completely destroyed with a bomb attack.

1974 could be separated its wife and carried its common son forward Simon. Leschnikoff married a second time, it worked as a gardner and in a factory around the family over water to hold. to 1978 it died completely become impoverished in Sofia. It became 81 years old.

In Joseph Vilsmaiers film Comedian Harmonists Leschnikoff by max of Tidof one embodied.


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