Ariane Ehrat

Ariane Ehrat (* 17. February 1961 in work living) is former Swiss ski - Rennfahrerin.

With the olympic plays 1984 in Sarajewo it missed the landing only scarcely and became fourth in the departure. One year later won it with the ski WM in Santa Caterina at the same time with Katharina good son and behind Michela Figini the silver medal in the departure. In the Skiweltcup it could never win a running. Altogether it achieved three landing places and 9 further placements under the best 10 in departure and super g.

Since its resignation it is active in marketing. Starting from 1989 she was a marketing boss of the Tourismusdestination „alpine arena “(Flims - Laax - Falera). In June 2004 it became a chief of the department „communication and marketing “by Swiss radio DRS.


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