Aribert Reimann

Aribert Reimann (* 4. March 1936 in Berlin) is a German pianist and composer of contemporary music.


after a study in the subjects composition, counterpoint and piano (among other things with Boris Blacher) at the university for music Berlin, he took up an activity as Korrepetitor at the urban opera Berlin.

First appearances followed end of the sixties as a pianist.

Beginning of the seventies became Reimann member of the academy of the arts. In the time of 1983 to 1998 he transferred a Professur at the university of the arts Berlin in the field of activity contemporary song.

Reimann is an important composer of the present, which particularly with several large (literature) operas stepped out, among them Lear and the lock. In addition it wrote chamber music, orchestra works and songs.

Aribert Reimann was honoured several times, among other things with the large Distinguished Service Cross with star of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as with the earnings/service medal of Land Berlin.

The newest order composition “Cantus for clarinet and orchestra”, dedicated the Klarinettisten and composer Jörg Widmann, became to 13. January 2006 generally speaking transmission hall of the WDR in Cologne in the presence of the composer uraufgeführt. The composer was inspired to this work by the compositions for clarinet of Claude Debussy.


  • orchestra works
    • variations for orchestra
    • close one distance, for orchestra
    • Cantus for clarinet and orchestra
  • vowel music
    • “cycle” after poems of Paul Celan for Bariton and piano (1956)
    • “a-darkened” for oldsolo (1992)
    • of “five songs after poems of Paul Celan” for Countertenor and piano (2001)
    • “disposes” for Bariton solo ones

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