Arina Tanemura

Arina Tanemura (jap. Tanemura Arina, * 12. March 1978 in Ichinomiya, Japan) is a Japanese Comic draftswoman.

Already in the primary school she was fan of the Manga magazine Ribon, which addresses itself to younger girls and predominantly Shōjo - Manga published. Inthe upper stage participated it in a competition and reserved with this with several pictures front seats. Their professional debut as a Manga draftswoman followed already soon thereafter with the Kurzgeschichte Niban ME NO Koi NO Katachi. This was published 1996 in the Ribon original, to an appearing regularSpecial magazine of the Ribons. Thereupon it drew for Kurzgeschichten for the Ribon, which appeared 1997 also in anthologies (Squib Feeling Blue and I*O*N). It had their break-through 1998 with history Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, - just like its next large hit fill Moonwhere Sagashite - successfully into a Animeserie was converted. Since September 2004 she works on its current series seeming ski Doumei CROSS.


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