Aristoteles Onassis

Aristoteles Sokrates Homer Onassis (Αριστοτέλης Ωνάσης) (* 15. January 1906 in İzmir, Turkey; † 15. March 1975 in the Neuilly sur Seine with Paris) was a Greek shipowner originating from small Asia.


Onassis was the son rich of a broker from Smyrna (today Izmir). When Onassis was five years old, its nut/mother died. Since his father married soon and worried few again about its son, Onassis was extremely conservatively educated mainly by its religious grandmother.

With 16 years Onassis had to flee 1922 like many of its Greek compatriots from the Greek Exklave Smyrna (today İzmir) during the Greek Turkish war. There the family tried to earn more or less in vain with tobacco trade living costs. Therefore Onassis, equipped with a Nansen passport, was sent with the ship to Argentina.

To 16. October 1922 reached Onassis Buenos Aires and began with 60 dollar its eternally quoted ascent from that nothing. Since it was still under age at this time, it left place the 21 in its papers as date of birth and -. September 1900 in Saloniki register. As courier, telephonist and a hotel PAGE he earned his living costs in this time.

Besides (and perhaps also at the regulations past) it began to act with eastern tobacco. It was first, which introduced from Europe tobacco to Argentina. To date one had referred this commodity from Cuba and the USA. With these business he earned its first 100,000 dollar. After twenty years he got the Argentine nationality. Later he got the Greek nationality back and was promoted to the Consul General of Greece in Buenos Aires.

When through the world economic crisis a group of Canadian shipowners went into bankruptcy, Onassis could buy their six largest ships for a fraction of the actual value from them. 1935 it entered then in the larger style into the oil transport business. At the beginning of the Second World War its fleet had already increased on 46 freighters and tankers. Against high Leihgebühren rented Onassis its ships to end of war to the allied ones. In the years 1948 to 1956 Onassis developed the world-wide largest private whale-catching fleet and sold it then completely to a Japanese consortium.

To 28. December 1946 he married the 17-jährige Athina Tina Livanos , a daughter of an important Greek shipowner in New York. With their it had two children: Alexander Onassis (1948 - 1973) and Christina Onassis (1950-1988). When Onassis' admits affair with the opera singer Maria Callas became, its wife let herself be separated 1960 from him. The sister of its wife, Eugenia, marries some months later the largest competitors of Onassis, Stavros Niarchos.

In the spring 1954 Onassis in Dschidda with king Saud locked an extremely lucrative contract. Onassis committed itself to cover the ever more largely becoming need at very large crude carriers from Saudi Arabia to. But the privilege of transport was granted to it and in addition was participated it also in the sales of the oil.

Starting from 1956 Onassis controlled also the aviation nature of Greece. In this year he transferred the exclusive management of the national airline for 21 years. In the following year it based Olympic Airways. 1966 escalated the disputes for many years between Onassis and prince Rainier of Monaco. Since 1953 Onassis - to the disappointment of the Monegasque prince house - possessed the stock majority of the Société of the Bains de Mer (SBM). Thus Onassis belonged actually the play casino and nearly all luxury hotels in Monaco. Rainier increased short hand the capital of the society and thus its own portion. In September 1966 Onassis drew the conclusions, sold its Monegasque shares and acquired thereby a deposit bank in Geneva. It is to have concerned an amount in the minimum of 35 million DM. Onassis expressed later that he had probably underestimated Rainier.

The tanker fleet (over 70 ships) of Onassis firmierte under the name Springfield Shipping OF Panama and had its head office in Monte Carlo. When it shifted this company to Athens, the prince lost immense tax receipts. Despite the Militärput 1967 in Greece Onassis had still good contacts for Greek government. Onassis wanted considerable sums in Greece to actually invest, could not however with the junta not to agree.

Also with the following government under Konstantin Karamanlis had Onassis his difficulties. These were only solved, when the government explained itself in agreement, the airline Olympic Airways retroactively to the 1. To take over January 1975.

To 20. October 1968 he married Jackie Kennedy, the widow of the murdered US-American president. Onassis became acquainted with it, as it with its sister, Lee Radziwill to guest on its yacht Christina was. Two years later its first wife at an overdose sleeping pills died. In January 1973 son Alexander with the airplane fell.

At the age of 69 years Aristoteles Onassis died to 15. March 1975 in the Neuilly sur Seine with Paris at the consequences of a pneumonia.

Heiress of its fortune became its granddaughter Athina Onassis, daughter of Christina Onassis and Thierry Roussel.

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