Arnold Eucken

Arnold Eucken (* 3. July 1884 in Jena; † 16. June 1950 in sea-bridge, Chiemsee) was a German Physikochemiker.

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Eucken was born as a son of the Rudolf Eucken in Jena. It completed its study in Kiel, Jena and Berlin. There he worked as a coworker from roll ago Nernst and habilitierte themselves 1911. Starting from 1915 Eucken held a tidy Professur to the TH Breslau , starting from 1930 at the University of Goettingen as a successor of Gustav Tammann.


Eucken carried out important contributions within the range of physical and technical chemistry. It concentrated on specific warming at very low temperatures, the structure of liquids and electrolytic solutions, molecule physics (rotation, oscillation), on deuterium and heavy water, on homogeneous and heterogeneous gas kinetics, catalysis, chemical engineering and chemical technology.

On his invitation Edward plate came 1931 to Goettingen, which particularly worked there also with James Franck and with Hertha Sponer together.

One of the last graduate students Euckens was Manfred own.


  • sketch of physical chemistry, Leipzig, various editions starting from 1922
  • text book of chemical physics, Leipzig, various editions starting from 1930
  • A. Eucken and R. Suhrmann, physicochemical tasks of practical course, Leipzig, various editions starting from 1928
  • the Nernst heat set, results of the accurate Naturwiss., 1:120 - 162, 1922


  • Margot Becke Goehring and Margaret Eucken: Arnold Eucken: Chemist - physicist - university teacher. Minutes of the meeting of the Heidelberger Academy of Sciences, 1995, ISBN 3-540-60083-3

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