Arnold Kübler

Arnold Kübler (* 2. August 1890in meadow-hired with Winterthur; † 27. December 1983 in Zurich) was a writer, draughtsman and founder of the culture magazine you.


Arnold Kübler buildup as a son of a restaurant operator/barkeeper and a farmer in meadow-hired. He broke its geology study as well as sculptor training off. After the First World War he worked as an actor in Dresden and Berlin. It had to give this career up after an operation because of scars in the face. With its literary work he could celebrate larger successes. After its return to Switzerland 1926 it was appointed as the chief editor of the inhabitants of zurich pictorials. 1941 created Kübler the culture magazine you, which he led during 16 years. It worked in its positions as culture mediator and pulse generator, neglected however its own artistic styles not: In the sixties it stepped the play stage with large success as Einmannkabarett. Besides Kübler was graphically and also literarily active. On over 2100 sides Kübler in its OI pi novels described auto+biographic occurences.


  • shoemaker Aiolos. Comedy in three documents, Zurich 1948
  • the prevented actor. Auto+biographic novel, Leipzig 1934
  • the heart, the corner, the donkey and other stories Zurich 1939
  • Öppi of which wax. The boy without nut/mother, Zurich 1943, 2. change of. Aufl. 1965
  • Öppi, the student, Zurich 1947
  • rent and, gägenenand, durenand. A picture book of handling the next one in Switzerland, Zurich 1950
  • Öppi and EH, Zurich 1951, 1969
  • Velodyssee Zurich 1955
  • in Alfred Huggenbergers country. A winter journey with designs of the author, Zurich 1958
  • Zurich. Experienced, drawn, Zurich describes 1960
  • 48 cheerful stories, Zurich 1961
  • places and cities. Experiences, drawn, described, Zurich 1963
  • Öppi the fool, Zurich 1964
  • draws, Antonio! Workshop book, Zurich 1966
  • Babette, cordial greeting. Reports and designs, Zurich predominantly protects 1967
  • Paris - Bâle à pied, Zurich 1967. 1970
  • legend & write! Humoristisch kabarettistisch autobiographischer contribution for the culture history of the city Zurich, Zurich 1969
  • Israel, an inspection. Report and designs, Zurich 1970
  • stay nevertheless. Usually cheerful reports with designs, Zurich 1974



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