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beautiful mountain in Los Angeles, about 1948

Arnold beautiful mountain (* 13. September 1874 in Vienna; † 13. July 1951 in Los Angeles) was a Austrian composer of Jewish descent, music theoretician and painter.

Beautiful mountain began its musical Career/development as Cellist and a kompositorischer autodidact. Although it took late instruction with Alexander of Zemlinsky, it learned according to own statement most by the study of the works of large composers. Beautiful mountain, that in the consequence a close friend Zemlinskyshad become, married to 7. October 1901 its sister Mathilde on a register office in Bratislava, after this had become more schwanger already in the spring 1901. The church wedding found eleven day later in the Protestant church in the Dorotheergasse in Viennainstead of.

The first compositions of beautiful mountain are to be settled in the range of the late romance, them contain typical characteristics of this time: orchestra apparatus as well as category-spreading compositions over-on-boardend to one with often literary background (Streichsextett made a sea protest night, Gurre songs, sinfonische seal Pelleas and Melisande, choir work Peace on ground connection).

Beautiful mountain first pupil was Vilma of Webenau. It took with it since 1898/99 harmony teaching and composition instruction and followed it even with its removal to Berlin in the year 1900.

Equipped with a tremendously creative spirit (itpainted and made time life inventions, if conventional chess extended it by several figures), it achieved musical new ground, which soon already pushed its contemporaries increasingly confused and on most violent refusal on the part of the concert public. From 1908 on its music is in the conventionalnot to settle Dur Moll tonal system any longer, i.e., starting from this time (2. Caper quartet) is its music atonal (beautiful mountain rejected this designation, it preferred the designation the less “atonikal “, nothing has itself the terms “atonal” and/or.“Atonalität” interspersed, are discussed however in the music much).

This phase of the so-called “free Atonalität” led after beautiful mountain view kompositorisch into a dead end, since for each new composition only new material and rule catalog must be sketched (it becomesit similarly as Igor Strawinsky felt, which expressed once, the imposes upon themselves larger restrictions in the choice of the musical means it, feel the freer it when composing. If one thus before the minute of the next clay/tone only againConsiderations to employ it must why I can not use or others or should not, this lähmt in completely due measure the composition process, or differently expressed: Liberty can take place only within certain limits, the total liberty leads in the chaos). With thatfree Atonalität got lost to it thus the form. On the other hand Adorno in its 1949 philosophy of the new music appeared pleads for beautiful mountain atonale composition way and opposes these to the neoklassizistischen style Strawinskys regarded as relapse into already outdated composition technology. The atonaleRevolution around 1910 by beautiful mountain means the release of the music from the obligation of the tonality and thus the unhindered development of the musical expression for Adorno qua free Atonalität with the full impulse life of the sounds.

From this dilemma beautiful mountain took over 1923in modified form of Joseph Matthias Hauer developed “method of composing with twelve tones “referred one on the other, also become twelve-clay/tone music “admits as “Dodekaphonie” or eingedeutscht”. This method steps now to the place of the system of the Durand Molltonarten and holds therefore a consistency, which is to lend an internal co-operation to the musical work. Task of the composer is it thus to invent a twelve-clay/tone row from which entire topic tables the material can be developed. A twelve-clay/tone row orRow is the succession of all twelve kept at a moderate temperature tones of the Oktave, whereby each clay/tone must occur, this however only once. Exception during the conversion of the row in the musical context are direct repetitions of clay/tone. Otherwise a certain clay/tone may only again usedbecome, if the row became to go through completely.

The row is arbitrarily transponierbar, i.e., it can begin on each clay/tone. From the row three variants, so-called can. “Permutations”, to be derived, those in itself again rows fully valid in law form and thatBasic row are equal:

  • The reversal: each interval is implemented in opposite direction, i.e.: out upward downward and one turns around.
  • The cancer: the row is declining used.
  • The cancer reversal: with the cancer the same happens as the rowthe reversal.

With this new system beautiful mountain believed itself now put into the position to be able to give to each work theoretically an internal structure. Originally only as personal solution for a personal conflict meant, the twelve-clay/tone method of its pupils became enthusiastischtaken up, although beautiful mountain taught it in its theory hours never. Today it is completely inconceivable against it that a composition student with the twelve-clay/tone method would not come into contact. As strict sentence principle it becomes in kompositorischen practice however since the late50's as well as no longer related.

Around beautiful mountain mountain, Anton webers and further pupils and interpreter a circle Gleichgesinnter with Alban, which is called second Viennese school , formed.

Kompositorisch became beautiful mountain early by Antonín Dvořák and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner affects. Later it became a decided trailer of Johannes Brahms and Gustav of meals.

Considerable interpreters from the first half of the twentieth century supported beautiful mountain, among them the pianists Artur bill and Eduard attendant,the conductors Hans Rosbaud and Hermann Scherchen as well as beautiful mountain brother-in-law, the violonist Rudolf Kolisch.

Beautiful mountain was closely friendly with the Viennese architect Adolf Loos, which it had become acquainted with in the salon of the Eugenie Black Forest. Loos sat down time lifefor the performance of the Schönberg compositions, of which it some even secretly subsidized (with it probably among other things also the famous scandal concert 1913 (“Watschenkonzert”). Beautiful mountain became also in its attitude questions of artistic moral and truth by Adolf Loosmuch affects. The demand of beautiful mountain “music is not to decorate, it should be true” can in direct purchase to the Loos' aesthetics be set, in particular its fight against each form of applied art and for the Dignität of the pure and forming art,by no concessions to a public taste “prostituieren themselves” may.

Beautiful mountain conceived coalition chess into the 1920er years a designated chess variant for four players, who are played on a 10x10 of fields large board with 36 figures, which it from simple materialseven sketched. With an attendance of the chess world champion Emanuel Lasker it hid however its invention and commentated this with the words “that would be just as bad for Lasker, as for me a composition of it”.

Beautiful mountain was also with the painter Gustav Klimt and the Industriellen Ferdinand Bloch gets used to. Beautiful mountain grandchild, the attorney Randol E represented two generations later. Beautiful mountain inheriting the family Bloch (bes. Maria Altmann) in a procedure for the restitution of some Klimt pictures.

Beautiful mountain suffered from Triskaidekaphobie.

Das Grab Arnold Schönbergs am Zentralfriedhof Wien
ThatGrave Arnold of beautiful mountain at the central cemetery Vienna



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