Kind Director

kind a Director (abbreviation AD) is the usual job title for an experienced and leading commercial artist or for the “artistic” leader within the range of film productions. Even if the designation neither protected nor uniformly to define is sets it training normally of several years (and/or. Study) and likewise a professional experience of several years ahead. Kind a Director develops generally spoken the artistic, visual conversion and accompanied thereby all creative production procedures (e.g. Fotoshooting, film trick, set Design, animation, layout etc.). Thus he takes then frequently also the “artistic responsibility” for a production.

In the special one the responsibility becomes industry-specifically different:

  • Within the range of the advertising diagram and visual communication: with partly leading function
  • in the publishing trade, esp. with magazines: with leading function within the range of the visual one (similar to the editor-in-chief for text)
  • within the range of the film production: with leading function for the artistic equipment (in particular set Design)

good kind a Director is characterised in particular by a high measure of creativity, team and guidance quality as well as production experience.

The kind Director as a junior kind Director begins its vocational career/development.

The term kind Director comes from the American one, whereby it is to be noted that with “kind” in English usually the applied art in the Ggs. to kind”, equivalently to “suitor art”, is meant the “fine. The designation becomes in a general manner for the 60's also increasingly related in Germany.

See also: Creative Director, Creative supervisor

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