Kind Ross Memorial Trophy

the kind Ross Memorial Trophy is national ice hockey - a Trophäe in that Hockey League. It is lent to that player of the NHL, which obtained the highest score (gates + Assists) during the regular season. The Trophäe was lent for the first time 1948.

If two or several players should have achieved the same score, wins the player, who obtained more gates. If still resembling and prevails there, wins the player, who denied fewer plays or that, which obtained the fastest gate. If then still resembling and prevails, the price is lent to both players.

The Trophäe became after Arthur Howie “kind” Ross (* 13. January 1886, † 5. August 1964), designated. Kind Ross was an ice hockey player, an arbitrator, a coach and a manager.

In large parts that the official literature also the Topscorer is called 1948 ago kind Ross Memorial Trophy winner.

kind Ross Memorial Trophy winner


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