the term artifact (v. lat.: “acre” art; “factum” the making) designates by human or technical effect developed a product or a phenomenon, in demarcation to the uninfluenced and/or. natural phenomenon. The term becomes in a set of disciplinesbegun:

  • Archaeology: Article, which received contrary to the Naturalie its form by human effect (neolithische artifacts), sees to artifact (archaeology).
  • Medicine: At the own body caused change or damage (self damage, for example with fraudulent intention).
  • Histologie: Characteristics at a microscopic preparation, which resulted only from coloring, fixing and cutting and thus does not natural-prove were present.
  • Radiology: Technically caused structures, which overlay the radiograph. Ring artifacts are missing to scanners with CT - well-known as consequenceCalibration or incorrect sensors. Strip artifacts are likewise observed in the CT (particularly with older devices), if objects of high density (e.g. Ohrringe, Halsketten or prostheses) in the path of rays lie. With the development of radiographs artifacts in form of small bright can points thanArise to consequence of static electrical loading, and can then e.g. Pellet balls pretend.
  • ELECTROCARDIOGRAM / EEG / EMG / EOG: With these diagnostic procedures in the medicine spurious signals can disturb the recording. Disturbing fields can of electricity mains (50 - 60Cycles per second) come or from radio transmitters and mobile telephones.
  • Communications technology: To effects of system weakness on the information signal, see artifact (technology).
  • Cybernetics: The effects of signals to steered sizes, additionally to (idealized), to desired effect arise.
  • Social research: Distortion of the representation thatTo reality, see artifact (social research).
  • Statistics: Only phenomena not arising in the statistic procedure and in the measured values, see artifact (statistics).
  • Software development: To product (document, SOURCE code, program), which as intermediate or final result the software development develops, see artifact (software development) and Artifact (UML).
  • Art theory and technique philosophy: Object, which was made by humans and was not found in nature and which is dead contrary to the bio fact.
  • Computergrafik: Error in computer-generated pictures, those due to rounding errors, mathematical approximations o.a. develop.
  • Fantasy: (I.d.R. magic) article
this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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