Arthur Adamov

Arthur Adamov (* 23. August 1908 in Kislowodsk; † 15. March 1970 in Paris) was a French writer and dramatist of Russian origin.

Arthur Adamov is considered (together with Ionesco) as one the founder of the absurd theatre. Adamov was born in Russia. Adamov learned, like many of its contemporaries, French as the first foreign language. It went finally 1924 to Paris, where it, inspired from Surrealisten, published which it met there, the magazine “Discontinuité”. After the Second World War it began its activity as an author of dramas. Besides it wrote Prosawerke like short the collection of texts appeared before its Suizid ever… ILS…. Thus it counts the socially outlawed topics to the few considerable authors like the Masochismus, which it regarded as “Immunisierung against death”, a literary voice lent, e.g. with the narration Fin Août.


  • La Parodie (1947)
  • invasion (1949)
  • La Grande la Petite Manouevre (1950) et
  • Tous contre tous (1952)
  • Le Professeur Taranne (1953)
  • Le Ping Pong (1955)
  • Paolo Paoli (1956)
  • La Politique of the remainder (1962)
  • La Sainte Europe (1965)
  • M. le Modéré (1967)
  • off of limit (1968)
  • ever… ILS… (1969)

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