Arthur Brown

of these articles treats the rock singer Arthur Brown, for the flight pioneer sees Arthur Whitten Brown

Arthur Brown (* 1944 in Whitby, England) is a British rock singer, to who substantial influence on Schockrocker is after-said such as Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson. Brown has several Oktaven a comprehensive voice.


Arthur Brown emerged end of the 1960er on the international skirt stages. It was noticeable by eccentric demonstrations, with burning helmets and naked appearances. Its debut album The Crazy World OF Arthur Brown was 1968 on both sides the Atlantiks a surprise success. At the admission Carl Palmer ( Schlagzeug, late Emerson , Lake and Palmer) was, Vincent Crane (key board, late Atomic Rooster) and Pete Townshend (of The Who) as a producer takes part. The single Fire became a world-wide Nummer-1-Hit.

Into the 1970ern Brown brought three albums out under the name Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come : Galactic zoo dossier, Kingdom Come and Journey. The latter was possibly the first album, on which a Drum Machine is to be heard.

1974 withdrew itself Brown from the Musikbusiness, in order to find by Meditation the truth. However it participated in the filming of the skirt opera Tommy , with The Who, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner and Elton John.

Later Brown took up some solo albums in the course of the time. It sang the Lead Vocals of the piece of The Tell Tale Heart on the concept album of “valley OF Mystery and imagination” of the Alan Parsons Project, which was based on narrations of Edgar Allan Poe. it took up 1978 with Klaus Schulze the albums dune, Dyemagic and live one .

1994 suffered Brown during a concert an impact accumulation, from which he recovered only laborious. it made 1997 with the German volume the Krupps a retake of its hit Fire.

The Kingdom Come albums were often compared with the music by Hawkwind. Ironically Brown was involved in the album Captain Lockheed and the of Starfighter von Robert Calvert, together with most members at that time of Hawkwind. Brown several times with Hawkwind arose to 2001 and 2002, whereby those specified volume also Songs of Arthur Brown, and. A. of the Kingdom Come albums.

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