Arthur Cayley

Arthur Cayley (* 16. August 1821 in Yorkshire, † 26. January 1895 in Cambridge) was an English mathematician.

Cayley financed his appointment mathematician with his main profession lawyer. It published 250 mathematical essays in 14 years, to it a chair forMathematics in Cambridge received. That was a clear income loss for Cayley, meant however the fulfilment of its life dream. Together with James Joseph Sylvester it justified the invariant theory, an area, which both so much dominated that one called it also the “invariants of twins”. Cayley led 1854the term of the abstract group . In addition it wrote over stencils, determinants, quaternions and algebraic equations. He found the sentence of Cayley, important in algebra.

After Arthur Cayley is designated the Cayley Purser algorithm.

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