Arthur Erich Haas

Arthur Erich Haas (* 3. April 1884 in Brünn; † 20. February 1941 in Chicago) was a Austrian physicist.


since 1902 studied Haas mathematics and physics in Vienna and Goettingen. it attained a doctorate to 1906 to the Dr. phil. with a thesis over “antique light theories”.

In the following years employ it mainly with science history and submitted myself 1909 a Habilitationsschrift over “the history of the development of the sentence of preservation Kraft”, which were rejected.

Subsequently, it turned disappoints themselves physical studies too and published some books within the field of atomic physics. It succeeded to it 1910 to manufacture for the first time a connection between the quantum theory of Max Planck and atomic physics.

1912 it could finally habilitieren with its work over the “equilibrium positions of groups of electrons”.

Later he than professor in Vienna, Leipzig and London taught. From 1936 on it was active at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend in the Federal State Indiana.


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