Arthur Fadden

Arthur William Fadden (* 3. April 1895 in Ingham, Queensland, † 21. April 1973 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) was a politician and prime minister of Australia of 29. August 1941 up to 7. October 1941.

Fadden was the son of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Fadden, an officer of the mounted police in Walkerston, close Mackay. It received its first training at the public school from Walkerston. With 18 years he assistant of the director of city von Mackay and 1916 was appointed he the director of city. He learned the bookkeeping and worked starting from 1918 as an accountant in Townsville, where he became late members in the municipality and town councillor. Into the federal parliament he was selected as a representative of the Country party 1936 and kept this seat also in the following 4 elections.

It served as a Minister for the civil aviation and finally as a treasurer from October 1940 until August 1941, was member of the Kiegskabinetts from 1940 to 1941. In January 1941 Fadden became for 4 months a vice-prime minister, since Robert Gordon Menzies in overseas was. To 28. August 1941 stepped Menzies in favor of Faddens of the office of the prime minister back with one otherwise unchanged cabinet. Since he did not find the necessary support in the cabinet, Fadden withdrew after 40 days term of office and made the way free for John Curtin, which became a next prime minister.

He married 1916 Ilma Thornber, with which he had 3 children.


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