Arthur Ficken

Arthur Ficken (* 9. March 1871 in Aurora, Illinois, † 15. April 1954 in San Francisco, California) was an US-American composer.

Arthur Ficken studied music in Munich with Joseph Rheinberger and lived then as a teacher in Oakland, California, and Charlottesville, Virginia. 1911 to 1914 he was a singing teacher in Berlin. Since 1920 he was a director of music of the University OF Virginia. It composed a Mimodrama, orchestra variations in the medieval style, this irae, visions for Singstimme and orchestras, church-musical works, a Klavierquintett, choirs and songs (among other things the song cycle Willowwood). Arthur Ficken invented the Polytone, a key instrument, whose Oktave (music) consisted of sixty tones.


  • vision, sinfonische seal for dramatic Sopran and large orchestra, 1912
  • Willowwood and Wellaway, 1925
  • Day OF Judgment, 1927
  • Out OF the Gay Nineties, 1934
  • From the seventh Realm, Klavierquintett, 1939
  • Aucalete, sinfonische seal, 1945
  • Lament for organ, 1951
  • Improvisational Fantasy for organ, 1954
  • Aucassin and Nicolete sinfonische seal for choir and orchestra
  • The Chamber Blue, seal for choir and orchestra
  • The country East OF the Sun, sinfonische seal for choir and orchestra
  • old Irish Tune for chamber orchestra
  • Evolutionary Quartet, caper quartet
  • Willowwood for alto, Viola and piano


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