Arthur Foote

Arthur Foote (* 5. March 1853 in Salem, Massachusetts; † 8. April 1937 in bad clay/tone, Massachusetts) was an US-American composer.

Together with John Knowles Paine, Horatio Parker, George Chadwick, Edward MacDowell and Amy Beach he is ranked among the Second new England School, which is considered as founders of the independent classical music in the USA.

Foote studied at the conservatoire of bad clay/tone with Stephen Albert Emery and to the Harvard University with John Knowles Paine. Afterwards it took instruction with the organists Benjamin Johnson long and became a music teacher and organist in bad clay/tone. It composed two Orchestersuiten, two Ouvertüren, four pieces of character for orchestra (Four character Pieces after the Rubaiyat OF Omar Khayyam), a Streicherserenade, chamber-musical works, a Chorballaden, pieces of piano and songs.


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