Arthur Maria Rabenalt

Arthur Maria Lothar Konrad Heinrich Friedrich Rabenalt (* 25. June 1905 in Vienna; † 26. February 1993 in Wildbad Kreuth) was a Austrian film director.

Sixteen-year it led for the first time opera direction at the hessian national theatre in Darmstadt. Afterwards it worked as a theatre director in Berlin and Gera and as an opera director in peppering castle and again in Darmstadt. 1933 it, denounced as Kulturbolschewist , kept since its avant-garde experiments at the Kroll opera displeased the national socialist, professional disqualification and changed to the film.

It had experiences here already as an unsalaried employee with Alexander Korda and G. W. Pabst collected. 1932 was it also at the emergence of the English synchronous version of Fritz along film „M - a city looks for a murderer “been.

Rabenalt created now first maintenance films like „Pappi “„a seventeen-year old “, „a child, a dog, a vagabond “or „a film ball experience “(all 1934). „A child, a dog, a vagabond “was forbidden however temporarily, so that Rabenalt shifted its activities of Germany abroad and now in France, Italy and its homeland Austria worked. Music and circus films became in this time its speciality. Examples of it are about „the Frauenparadies “from 1936 or „the three Codonas “from the year 1940.

In this year it cooperated also in Leni of scoring steel film low country . Also films like „note! Enemy monitors! “of 1940 or „… it rides for Germany “(1940/41) shows that he had again arranged himself with the ruling powers in Germany in this time. Rabenalt existed nevertheless to be later always on it, an unpolitical director.

After the end of the Second World War it created the Kabarett in Munich „Schaubude “. Beside its work as kommissarischer directors/conductors of the urban plays in Baden-Baden and as a director of the Metropoltheaters in east Berlin he turned further films for the DEFA, z. B. 1948 „the girl Christine “. 1952 it turned a Alraune - Remake with Hildegard Knef. Above all it created music films in the fifties however as for instance 1954 „the gypsy baron “. Starting from the sixties he predominantly worked for the television and created also here above all music and dance films. At the same time it wrote numerous texts to theatre and to film-historical topics as well as a history of the erotischen theatre - 1968/69 it led besides in Munich the Theatron eroticon. Toward end of the seventies he withdrew himself to a large extent from the film production. At the age Rabenalt, which was married in first marriage with Lotte walter, starting from 1943 with Natascha Duchonova, wrote not only its memoirs and a book concerning Joseph Goebbels, but also several erotische novels. Its private archives changed 1988 into the possession of the University of Bayreuth , which appointed it one year later the fee professor.

book by Arthur Maria Rabenalt

  • Joseph Goebbels and the largeGerman film, Munich (Herbig) 1985, ISBN 3776613696

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