Arthur P. Yak-generic terms

Arthur P. Yak-generic terms (* 7. March 1922 in Los Angeles, † 27. June 1973 in Beverly Hills) was an American film producer.

Yak-generic terms produced only 13 films, but 7 of it entered film history:

1963 it acquired the film rights at Pierre Boulles of rights at the Science Fiction - Epos, whose filming each Produktionsgesellschaft as unverfilmbar judged. Jacobs' society, APJAC Productions, Inc., however, production dared with success.

Its wife Natalie Trundy, he learned which to know during the turning work to part of 2, and in May 1968 married, played in 4 of the films in always different roles.

Briefly after the end of production to “the battle around the planet of the apes” Arthur P died. Yak-generic terms at heart problems.

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