Arthur Wieferich

Arthur Josef Alwin Wieferich (* 27. April 1884 in Münster (Westphalia); † 15. September 1954 in Meppen) was a German mathematician.

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Wieferich was the son of a businessman.From 1903 to 1909 it studied in Münster. Probably a lecture of max inspired it stretches in the year 1907 over number theory to further investigations in this area. Into the time of the study its 5 mathematical publications fell.

After the study it informed as a school teacher inKonitz (at that time Poland), Elbing (west Prussia), Zoppot (Baltic Sea, today Poland), new city, Jülich, Stade and finally Meppen. It was simultaneous from 1909 to 1929 member of the German mathematicians combination (DMV). He married 1916; its marriage remained childless. Of 1945 - 1949 he earned his living costs asPrivate teacher.


  • proof of the sentence that each whole number can be represented as sum of at the most nine positive Kuben
    to Math. Ann. 66 (1908) 95-101
an error in the proof became by A. J. Kempner corrects in Math. Ann. 72 (1912) 387-399
  • Over the representation of the numbers as sums of Biquadraten
    Math. Ann. 66 (1908) 106-108
  • whole numbers of Math positive for the representation of the numbers as sums of fifth and seventh
    powers. Ann. 67 (1909) 61-75
  • to the last Fermat' theorem
    journal for Math. 136 (1909) 293-302
in thisArticles introduces it the Wieferich prime numbers designated after him .

  • To triangle geometry
    journal for pure applied Math. 136 (1909) 303-305


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