Artine Artinian

Artine Artinian (* 1908 in Bulgaria; † 19. November 2005 in Palm Beach) was an US-American literature scientist and Philantrop.


Artinian was born 1908 in Bulgaria. As 13-jähriger dte rodent he immigrated over Ellis Iceland to the USA and established themselves in Attleboro, Massachusetts . He learned English and was three years long class speakers of its High School class. It studied French literature at the Bowdoin college in Brunswick, later to 1931 Maine, and to the Harvard University in bad clay/tone. To the New Yorker Columbia University it was attained a doctorate. Artinian worked partial time in the famous prison “sings sings “and played flute for the prison passengers.

Artinian professor at the Bard college was 32 years long in Annandale on Hudson, New York. It was Dekan of the spirit-scientific faculty. Artine Artinian became the prominent expert for the French author and writer Guy de Maupassant.

After its retirement he dedicated himself to different French Biografien. He collected many manuscripts and documents of French authors, under it unpublished work of Gustave Flaubert and Marcel Proust, which he sold to the university of Texas.

Artinian became the officer franz. Ehrenlegion appointed. It received honour doctorates of the “Appalachian State University” (“APPstate”) and the “Bowdoin college” (1966). It operated a donation, which supported centerless students.

Artine Artinian was married since 1936 with Margaret Woodbridge (1911-2005), to 20. February 2005 deceased. Margaret Woodbridge came of to an outstanding US-American east coast family.


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